Health Justice

Radherb is a network of herbalists in the US who are working to incorporate health justice principles into herbalism. The Radherb network was started by a group of Northeast herbalists who wanted to see social justice and health justice incorporated into herbal conferences and culture. Radherb's annual convergence was founded in 2006 at 7 Arrows Farm and was run collectively through 2009. The collective grew and changed over the years, with a committed collective of some of the original members, and other Northeast herbalists committed to social justice within herbalism. The collective ran annual convergences in Massachusetts for 3 years.
In 2010 The Radherb organizers created a training focused on HEALTH JUSTICE.
Presently, the Convergence, & Health Justice trainings are held annually in RI.

January 16, 2014

2014 RADHERB Convergence

2014 RADHERB Convergence
Sorry the 2014 Convergence is full! 
Please email us at to get on our waiting list. 
October 11, 12, 2014
At Farmacy Herb's farm in West Greenwich, RI, 02817
*Herb Classes with:
7 Song, Larken Bunce, Lauren Giambrone, Traci Picard, Angel Putney, Mary Blue, Cea Wiley 
*Health Justice Discussions*
*Barter Fair* 
*Clothing Swap*
*Pot Luck*
*Herbal Jeopardy*
$25-$150 Sliding Scale
$15 food fee

All Proceeds go to the HERBAL AIDE GRANT FUND
**This is a registration only event! **
We only have space for about 70 people on the farm

9:00-9:30    Opening Introductions      
Notes from the free clinic.

7Song will discuss how herbalists can work within a conventional mixed modality free clinic. He will focus on the practical and theoretical aspects of practicing as clinical herbalist in this type of health care model.          
*Traci Picard:
A niche within a niche.
Traci will share with us her business philosophy on creating a
niche business within a niche industry.     
*Larken Bunce:
 Herbalists as organizers and educators.
 Larken will share her experience as a community organizer and practitioner in Vermont. In partnership with a diverse team of herbalists, she has collaboratively built a successful herb school and teaching clinic that is committed to radical accessibility. She will talk about the skills, tools and experience that are useful when starting to organize and share your knowledge with your community--starting with workshops and temporary clinics all the way through developing long-term, collaborative ventures. Bring your questions and experiences to share with the group and gather suggestions and insights into solutions and next steps. Depending on the interests and needs of participants, the discussion might include logistics of organizing, tending relationships (within projects and with your community), stepping into teacher/practitioner while continuing to learn, and much more.
*Angel Putney:
Herbal Accessibility

This group will explore effective ways for making herbalism and herbal education within
communities. Work Trade, Sliding Scale, Free Clinics and other models will be explored
by the group.
12pm-1pm    Lunch
*Cea Wiley:
 Trans Health

Transgender Healthcare is rarely discussed within herbalism. This group will explore in-
creasing access to comprehensive, effective, and affirming healthcare services for trans* and gender-variant communities. Language, care and obstacles to care and support of the transgender herbal client will be explored by the group.    
*Cultural Borrowing Discussion
This group discussion will allow Radherb participants to explore cultural
borrowing within the current practice of holistic health care and herbalism. Without judgement, participants will work together to unravel this complicated and sometimes volatile subject.           *Lauren Giambrone: 
Racism, Sexism, Ageism...there are so many isms and areas of oppression/ inequality within the health care system. This group will explore their own histories within the healthcare system to highlight disparities/ inequalities. This discussion will inspire dialogue on how to support ourselves and clients in commanding appropriate health care resources, whether it be allopathic or holistic.
2pm-5pm    Barter Fair      
 *Medicinal Tree Walk with Traci Picard 
 *Lauren Giambrone: 
Herbal CSA  
Lauren runs her own herbal CSA year round. She will give you tips and tricks for creating a viable herbal CSA.    
*Mary Blue: 
The many paths of an herbalist.
Pro’s and con’s of the herbal farmer, practitioner, educator and product maker. Mary runs a small herbal company that addresses many aspects of herbal work: clinic work, classes, farming and product making. She will talk about her experiences over the last 8 years in growing her business.. what has worked and what hasn't.
*Plant Walk with 7 Song 
*Plant Walk with Larken Bunce    
4pm-5pm    Clothing Swap/ Barter Fair  
5pm-7pm    Potluck dinner & dessert      
7pm    Regional Herbal Jeopardy. This game will team up herbalists regionally to answer herbal related questions, Jeopardy style!     

7:30-8:30    Breakfast
*7 Song: First Aid for the Herbalist
This class will explore how herbal medicines can be used in a variety of first aid situations. We will cover some diagnosis and treatment for common conditions such as infections, animal bites and pain.  It will also cover scope of practice for the herbalist in a first aid situation, and when to consider conventional (non-herbal) treatments. This class will also help students design their own first aid kits.
12pm-1pm Clean up
1pm     Lunch