Health Justice

Radherb is a network of herbalists in the US who are working to incorporate health justice principles into herbalism. The Radherb network was started by a group of Northeast herbalists who wanted to see social justice and health justice incorporated into herbal conferences and culture. Radherb's annual convergence was founded in 2006 at 7 Arrows Farm and was run collectively through 2009. The collective grew and changed over the years, with a committed collective of some of the original members, and other Northeast herbalists committed to social justice within herbalism. The collective ran annual convergences in Massachusetts for 3 years.
In 2010 The Radherb organizers created a training focused on HEALTH JUSTICE.
Presently, the Convergence, & Health Justice trainings are held annually in RI.

March 5, 2012

Health Justice

In 2010 The Radherb organizers created a training focused on HEALTH JUSTICE. 
The goals of the training are to:
*Encourage a dialogue about Community Health Care and explore issues of Oppression and Accessibility with students, teachers, community organizers and practitioners of herbalism/ holisticl health.

*Focus on Cultural Competency, which is defined simply as the ability to understand, communicate with, and provide effective and appropriate care to people with diverse values, experiences, and backgrounds.

*Create a base of Radherb Educators who can begin to teach and inspire health care providers, clinics, schools, teachers and students throughout the Northeast.
*Create leaders in the field of Health Justice who will then use their skills to collaborate with healthcare providers, clinics, schools, teachers and students throughout the Northeast. 

The focus is on the following topics:

Mental Health
Medical Racism
Trans Health
Classism within Healthcare
Organizing Accessible Healthcare
Cultural Appropriation

Within each subject we explore:  History, Definitions and Terminology of each subject; Health Related Topics, Herbal Remedies (if applicable); Resources and more!


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